Course description:

Our world, society and classrooms are changing constantly. We are blessed to be introduced to new languages, cultures and perspectives every year; however, does our teaching method and class reflect those changes? Join me on a discovery of self and our community to create a classroom that is accepting to all of our students from their many different backgrounds.

This course examines the question of how to optimize technology use to improve student success. This 15 hour CTLE- approved course is a collaborative space where a learning community can utilize its collective resources to develop strategies for transferring agency for success to students. In the course we will examine how state, national and international standards for the use of technology in education can be leveraged to develop 21st century competencies within the context of all content areas.

Welcome to "Full STEAM Ahead: Exploring and Creating STEAM Lessons!" 

Your assignments will be opened when the course begins on January 14th.